August 18, 2021

Unlimited Void is a theatre piece questioning notions of realness and fakeness. The piece revolves around a man who falls in love with a 3D-avatar and needs to deal with the stigma and irl consequences of his choices. Surrounding him are his friends who find themselves in fragmented existential discussions about love and life and a stage technician trapped in an eternal loop talking his virtual self.

Is virtual love as real as "real" love? How much of our identity lies in The Social Media? What is truth in a society with constructed values? Is the universe infinite?

The piece is a collaboration between:
Tani Dibasey
Flo Fagerli
Tord Kinge
Tobias Pfeil

With extra help from:
Claudia Cox
Sjur Vatne Brean
Victor Amel

“Det Andre Teatret” | Oslo, Norway
13 – 21.08.2021

The event is supported by Dramatikkens Hus, Fritt Ord and Kulturrådet.


Photos were taken by Matias Mørland

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