You, Copiphora gorgonensis
You, Copiphora gorgonensis

You, Copiphora gorgonensis

meditative experience for solo participant and laptop [60′]
Commissioned by FACT Liverpool and Callum Coomber.


Description +

‘You, Copiphora gorgonensis’ is an hour-long meditative experience for online audience focusing on interspecies relationships, psychoacoustics and presence.

Over five stages, participants undergo a metamorphosis into Copiphora gorgonensis, a grasshopper-like insect that – despite 650 million years of evolutionary divergence – miraculously shares our human inner ear structure. Listening, insectoid body-modding and time travel are used to position the interconnected sounding present within the vastness of space and evolutionary time.


Concept, script, audio/video, webpage, cover art – MICHAELBRAILEY

Narration, electric guitar, dramaturgical support – Callum Coomber

Additional dramaturgical support – Rosalind Ridout

Set-up diagram – Ryan Huff

Trailer participants – Irini Aravidou, Juan Manuel Jaramillo, Tam Thi Pham

Commissioned by FACT (Liverpool, UK) for FACT Together. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and funded by Liverpool City Council.