still from Undercurrent/Subcorrente by Alice dos Reis
16 July 2021 | -
VIRTUALLYREALITY SS21: The Long Triumph | Symbiosis for Survival


Humanity must evolve empathetically, return to the soil, frolic in symbiosis with the natural order. In the face of a mass extinction event, how may we recalibrate our relationship with our planet and with other species to survive?

now available to watch on VIRTUALLYREALITY’s Website:
FUJI|||||||||||TA, new work [a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission]
Alice dos Reis, Undercurrent/Subcorrente
MICHAELBRAILEY + Callum Coomber, You, Copiphora gorgonensis
Annea Lockwood, Amazonia Dreaming (performed by Darren Gallacher)

live events coming later in the fortnight:
LIVE TALK Angela Chan in conversation with Struggles For Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS)
9th July 2021, 21:00 CEST

Sparking discussion on intersectional, intercontinental ecological activism through collective engagements, Angela Chan (curator, researcher, artist working on climate change issues) and ‘Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS)’ (a Yogyakarta-based a collective platform focusing on the intersections of social and ecological justice) will share their intentions and projects towards international solidarities with each other.

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