June 13, 2021
ARTSSS | Welcome Note


The artistic world represents a huge international community where interaction and connection play a significant role. Art reflects not only the overall cultural heritage of the globe, but also the need to transfer ideologies and messages, that break the borders between different sociopolitical and cultural backgrounds. Art is utilised as a universal language for communication within the cultural world and artists, creatives and art lovers are people who represent ideas. All together they create a strong and eternally developing community, which includes multiple principles in a world that evolves rapidly both technologically and socially. The art world strives for creative stimulus to develop artistic techniques and methods, to present and represent current socio-political events and movements, to create narratives and make history. Artists are individuals, whose voice is translated to colours, sounds, shapes and experiences. Therefore, it is our purpose to connect all those creative minds, having ourselves an open mind, ears, eyes and hearts. 

Welcome to ARTSSS platform and network :)

In rapidly developing societies within the digital era, ARTSSS’ aim is to create a strong, sustainable, multidisciplinary community, where connection, visibility, inspiration and personal communication are of greatest importance. Values such as respect, trust, transparency, honesty, fidelity and a sense of responsibility towards the common good play a decisive role.

We can’t wait to experience how the platform will evolve and bloom during the time, but we are convinced, that as long as emotional creatures exist (in any form), the need for artistic expression and communication will be present, too.

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