Zacharias Faßhauer
Performance | Double Bass | Composition

Double Bass player Zacharias Faßhauer, born 1995 in Cologne (Germany) into a family of visual artists, had a deep connection to abstract, contemporary aesthetics from an early age. At the age of 9 he had his first double bass lessons, at the age of 14 he played his first concerts within the thriving Free Improvisation Scene in Cologne, and was part of the Orchestras „Kölner Orchester Gesellschaft“ and „Landesjugend-Orchester NRW“.
In 2013 Faßhauer began his double bass studies with Detmar Kurig at the “Robert- Schumann-Hochschule” Düsseldorf, and continued his studies from 2015 at the Musikhochschule Trossingen where he graduated in 2018. Since then, Faßhauer has been studying a master’s program in Double Bass New Music in Trossingen, which he graduated September 2020.
Faßhauer has been an active participant in master classes such as the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, the International Ensemble Modern Academy (Klangspuren Schwaz) or the Impuls Festival Graz; where he studied with Uli Fussenegger and Dario Calderone.
Furthermore Faßhauer has given concerts as a soloist and as part of many different ensembles from duos to large ensembles at festivals such as the Donaueschinger Tage für Neue Musik, European Workshop for Contemporary Music, Spring Festival The Hague, Klangzeit Festival Münster or the Map & Fold Festival Tübingen.
Faßhauer also appears with his own works, his pieces often concentrate on the connection of visual and acoustic arts and often include live electronics and dance. Since October 2020 Faßhauer is part of the International Ensemble Modern Academy.

Artistic Idea

I am driven by the strong believe that art not only makes the world a better place, but belongs to the most essential and fundamental needs of humankind. I therefore feel the responsibility to provide my share of that need, to create things, which are valid and interesting. My personal interest however lies in things which are actually absent in the artwork. I am fascinated by the Idea, that by wrapping my pieces around empty spaces, things emerge individually in our imagination. These Things can be music, movement, images, objects, but also structures and rhythms, or more complex: entities that combine all of the previous, e.g. an imaginary performer.
Many projects I was gladly part of, where developed in collaborative processes, which I find often the most efficient and fun way to work.