Photography Niklas Ottander


NEKO3 is a Copenhagen-based contemporary music ensemble consisting of three members: pianist Fei Nie and two percussionists Lorenzo Colombo and Kalle Hakosalo. The ensemble is working towards the creation of a new musical language and repertoire. Placed between acoustic and electronic music, NEKO3 builds a narrative and concept for each concert and thereby making it a unique experience for the audience.
NEKO3 is continuously working with composers to commission and premiere new works, especially focusing on the interplay between images, electronic devices, videos, lights, and seeking to integrate music, visual art, installations, and body performance into one conceptual whole.
Since its formation in 2017 NEKO3 has performed at festivals such as Dark Music Days in Iceland, Kammer Klang in London, and Klang Festival, Pulsar Festival, Moderne Mondag and Sonic Festival in Copenhagen. Recent performances include an invitation to perform in Bára Gíslandóttir’s debut concert with the newly-composed work “Víddir” written for the acoustics of Grundtvigs Church, as well as featured as soloists with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, premiering the new multidisciplinary trio concerto “Yes for No” by Xavier Bonfill.
In the coming season the trio is invited to perform in eg. Spor Festival (Denmark), Sounds of Stockholm festival (Sweden) and PlayTime Festival (Switzerland) and collaborate with composers and artists like Marcela Lucatelli, Alexander Schubert, Juliana Hodkinson and Steffen Levring.
In 2018 the ensemble recorded its first EP with music by Danish composer Jeppe Just Christensen and in 2020 they released their second EP with music by Mads Emil Dreyer.
From 2019 the ensemble has been mentored by the renowned contemporary musician Antoine Francoise.


Situated in the crossroads of instrumental music and multidisciplinary art, NEKO3 is an ensemble with an aim of pushing forward and crossing the boundaries of contemporary art and exhausting all possible pathways leading thereto. Working with composers and artists from different disciplines of art, regardless of their age, being or background and promoting equality and diversity. Reaching out to the general public through educational events, such as workshops and rehearsals open to the audience. Constructing their image as a contemporary music ensemble turned into a rock band with the air of an art collective.
Revolutionization of the concept of concert, the main medium of displaying the art of a per- se musical ensemble, is a central theme for NEKO3. They thread a program of individual works united in their aesthetic, narrative or other dominant factor, into one whole. Every detail intra- and extra-musical will be taken into account and molded to serve the idea, from flexible use of space with regards to the performers and audience to transitions between works, clothing, light design and on.
Pursuing the goal of making their work known and accessible to all, the group engages in multi-faceted, creative PR, between individual, standing-out visual design for promoting each concert entity and the group itself, and an active social media presence ranging from simple concert advertisements to performance videos and behind-the-scenes -livestreams. One of the group’s latest public outreach initiatives is “NEKO.Lab”, a series of monthly open-to-audience activities like (physically and virtually) open rehearsals and micro- residencies for young up-and-coming composers and artists, which aim to increase the accessibility of contemporary art to general public.
NEKO’s future goal is abundantly clear: bridging the gap between all audiences and modern art, which is too often considered difficult to comprehend and exclusive to specialists.