The online artistic platform for contemporary creatives from all different artistic backgrounds from visual to performing arts. ARTSSS is an online artistic platform and network for contemporary artists and up-to-date works, as seen in the contemporary art world and scene. ARTSSS’ platform represents and includes all different forms of art, varying from visual to performing arts. ARTSSS aims to support and promote artists, collectives and artistic activities, share artistic news, ideologies and methods and bring all creative individuals of today together.

ARTSSS was created with a fundamental passion to build an innovative, multidisciplinary, artistic network, where everyone is being respected and celebrated for their individuality. Artists, creatives and art lovers represent ideas and strive to communicate those through creative practice. Their voice is translated to colours, sounds, figures and shapes and their imagination produces objects, environments and experiences. All together, they create a strong and eternally developing community. Therefore, it is our purpose to connect and support all those creative minds, having ourselves an open mind, ears, eyes and hearts.


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Director: Irini Aravidou
Identity: Menelaos Kouroudis
Art Direction & Design: Aliki Zannikou
Development: bracket[]
3D Modeling/Trailer: Tobias Pfeil


Colonnaden 5, 20354
Hamburg, Germany
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+49 (0) 178 1430248

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