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July 14, 2021
9 (Because 10 is Boring) Random & Typical Thoughts Vol. 01


Daily thoughts an artist, a human, emotional and thinking creatures have in order to understand the world, to motivate themselves, to survive.


  1. The influential world of today teaches you how to be self-aware, love yourself and embrace your uniqueness. Is this a weapon for dealing with the rapid changes we experience technologically and socially, or just a method to further create distance between human beings, while the belief that one is the most important minimises the importance of another?
  2. Can an artist be as ‘good’ in different media as the one specialising in only one specific?
  3. Feelings such as suspicion, doubtfulness and uncertainty are taking over, making our daily interactions distant and unpleasant. And we ask ourselves why, while scrolling down the news page.
  4. We are humans and we rule our surroundings. Our surroundings react and rule us.
  5. We find ourselves in a loop full of ‘amazing, awesome, lovely and super-duper-wow’ interactions, while at the same time the freedom to openly express aggression towards strangers, curse at them and hate them has become normality.
  6. The art market can’t exist without artists, but to whom does the art market actually belong?
  7. Artists, considered as emotional creatures who trigger feelings, have been addressing contemporary sociopolitical and cultural issues, have been reflecting on existential agony and exposing the rapid changes technological achievements bring. The reaction to those is a couple of hundred likes and a ‘bravo’.
  8. What is our natural place of inhabitance? The cyber world? Space? A cave?
  9. Right.. love is the answer


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